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Advance Submission Masters ProCritique™ Program
with Literary Agents, Scouts, Managers, and Publishers 2021

Our Masters ProCritique program is a popular, cost-effective way to receive constructive, professional feedback on your manuscript and improve your chances for publication and success. An esteemed group of veteran literary agents will appear at the conference.Details and Learn more here ...  All are looking for fresh talent with polished manuscripts.
(There is a reading / consultation fee per Advanced Submission)

While most participate on panels and are available by appointment at the free pitch sessions, not all participate in the Advanced Submission Masters ProCritique Program. Please read the bio of each participant carefully before applying to find the best one for your work.  Yes, WC2 conference attendees have signed with literary agents and earned publishing deals. (There is NO fee for the open calendar pitch meeting)

For our Virtual Conference, please attend the agent panels Saturday morning to learn more about each of the agents/scouts/managers/publishers when you learn who is best for your book,, then schedule a 1-on-1 virtual meeting or pitch by calling Lilly at 310.379.2650

Faculty HeadshotSue Arroyo is the founder of CamCat Publishing. which under Sue’s leadership, is doing things differently. Her efforts in finding the best authors mean that readers will be able to find books that they truly want to live in.

CamCat Publishing was launched in 2019 as a publisher of quality genre fiction. We’re always looking for that next good read, for what we call Books to Live in: the book to curl up with on the sofa, the book that takes you to another place and time, the book that stays with you beyond the last page. 

CamCat Books focuses on genre fiction in the following areas: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy, and Romance (but we’re looking really hard at a couple of Westerns, too). Looking for polished, edited, and properly formatted manuscripts.

We publish adult, novel-length genre fiction. We’ll look at any good tale, but what we want to see most urgently revolves around these genres:

  • Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Historical
  • Paranormal
  • Horror

Ms. Arroyo does not perform any advance read/critique MS, but she will take free pitches by appointment at the conference. Register on-site at the 1-on-1 Desk.33

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Claire Gerus

Claire is a literary agent, editor, and author, with more than 30 years' experience assessing the publishing potential of fiction and nonfiction writers. Claire has often been involved in creating new lines of books for publishers, including a health imprint for Kensington Books, a new line of romances for Harlequin, and books on spirituality for business publisher, Adams Media. She also consults for new startup independent publishers. 

She is always looking for talented writers with an important message to share, whether via nonfiction or fiction. Her favorite genres are self-help, psychology, true crime, spirituality, short stories, alternative healing, and anything that promises to transform the reader in a positive way.

For Masters ProCritiques, she will read the submissions of up to 15 authors of up to 20 pages. She will focus on readability, the writer's intention behind the proposed book, and (of course) grammar, style, theme, and its relevance to readers' lives. Authors will receive an edited copy of the submitted material, along with a verbal overview of her findings.

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hs Paul S. Levine

Paul has over 1,600 editors in his database to whom he has sold over 150 fiction and Nonfiction books. As an entertainment lawyer, he has written the legal contracts for several books adapted as movies-for-television. With over a quarter of a century of experience in the entertainment and book industries, he is one of the few lawyers on the West coast who also understands the world of book publishing; as such, he is able to act as both literary agent and publishing attorney for his clients.

Highly aware of market trends and editors’ preferences, Mr. Levine limits himself to representing projects that he believes in and feels certain he can sell.

For Masters ProCritiques, Mr. Levine will read and critique: General fiction, Mystery, Romance, Reference, Biography, Computers / Technology, Business/investing/finance, History, Mind/body/spirit, Health, Travel, Lifestyle, Cookbooks, Sports, African-American, Science, Memoirs, Autobiographies, Narrative Nonfiction.

Please submit the first chapter of 20± pages (appx. 2500 words) with a synopsis of the story or concept. He will meet with you to discuss his review at the conference during a personal meeting.

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hsSteven Hutson

A literary agent and publishing consultant for WordWise Media Services. He’s a native of Los Angeles, and a storyteller almost from birth: poems, articles, business letters, and advertising copy. But like most writers he kept a day job, waiting for his big break. He majored in business at Los Angeles City College, and had two books published.

One thing led to another; Steve established his editing business in 2005, handling hundreds of books on every subject from Bible study to yoga to credit repair. He managed a writers’ conference for several years, and mentored hundreds of aspiring authors. Finally, in early 2011, he branched out as a literary agent. He has placed his clients’ works with Dutton, Thomas Nelson, Tyndale, Potomac, David C. Cook, Praeger, Writer’s Digest Books, and others. Several clients have won prestigious awards for their works.

Today he’s in demand as a speaker for writers’ events. Swimming, gardening, and cooking keep his hands busy in-between. He lives in sunny Southern California with his wife Ruth and son Bradley.

Steve is interested in representing a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults. (But no erotica, horror, poetry, short stories, picture books, or screenplays.)

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Toni Robino is a talent scout, connecting writers with established literary agents who are good matches for their projects. She also teaches writers how to craft compelling synopses and powerful pitch packages, increasing their likelihood of representation. In the literary marketplace, Toni's company Windword Literary, brings books to fruition by working with major publishing houses and independent publishers. Credits include New York Times bestsellers and groundbreaking titles such as The Male Brain: A Breakthrough Understanding of How Men and Boys Think, by Louanne Brizendine, MD; 100 Heartbeats: The Race to Save Earth’s Most Endangered Species, by Jeff Corwin of Animal Planet, MSNBC and the Discovery Channel; and Higher Love: Skiing the Seven Summits, by Kit DesLauriers.

As a literary scout, Toni is currently developing authors and book projects for the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency.

For Master ProCritiques, she will provide an annotated developmental edit (using the Microsoft Word tracking tool), where she will address content, clarity, rhythm, flow, description, dialogue. She will also provide examples of how to rework finer details of sentence structure to make writing more active and engaging. She does not offer line editing, but will comment on everything the writer does as well.

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mike Andy Ross

Mr. Ross founded the Andy Ross Agency in 2008. Prior to that he was the owner of the legendary Cody's Books in Berkeley for 30 years.

He will read non-fiction genres including: narrative non-fiction, science, journalism, history, and current events. He will read literary, commercial, and YA fiction. He prefers realistic writing. No paranormal or fantasy.

For Masters ProCritiques, Andy will be accepting up to 15 submissions. For fiction please include a draft query letter and the first 10 pages(double spaced) in a Word file. He will focus on style and readability. For non-fiction, please provide a draft book proposal and query letter. Andy will comment on the format and whether the material will be convincing to a non-fiction acquisition editor. Andy will provide an edited copy of the material with track changes as well as a personal meeting.

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Helga Schier, Ph. D.

Former Big Five Editor Helga Schier, Ph. D., is the Editorial Director of CamCat Publishing / Equinox Books, a brand that stands for Books to Live In. Stories that make you read on beyond bedtime, past due dates and carpool duties. Stories that resonate beyond the last word to echo in your mind and heart and soul.

Yes, books are products to sell, but they are something else, too. They are the expression of an author’s creativity and the touchstone for a reader’s imagination. When the two meet, something extraordinary happens. We walk in other people’s shoes and see the world anew. 

CamCat publishes genre fiction, and will consider at any good tale, but what we want to see the most revolves around three genres:

  • Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Romance

Helga is also the founder and owner of "withpenandpaper.com", an independent editorial services firm. With over 25 years of experience in the book publishing industry, Helga guides authors through the development and revision process, helping writers unlock the potential of their manuscripts. Her clients are published, self-published, and not-yet-published writers.

With over 20 years of experience in the publishing industry, Ms. Schier guides authors through the development and revision process. Handling a manuscript like a diamond in the rough, Ms. Schier’s editorial work focuses on the refinement of story, character, and stylistic issues, helping writers unlock the potential of their manuscripts. Her clients are published, self-published, and not-yet-published writers. 

Helga will read and edit (discussing content as well as style and language flow) up to 2500 words and offer individual consultations of up to 20 minutes each. In addition, Helga will be available for follow-up questions at her company’s table (withpenandpaper.com) throughout the conference. Helga will read all types of fiction, memoir, and narrative Nonfiction.

Open to all registered conference attendees.

hsKen Sherman

Ken's literary Agency (Ken Sherman & Associates) was established in 1989 in Beverly Hills. He handles book, film, and television writers and often sells film and TV rights to books.

Ken is looking for passionate storytellers who understand the importance of submitting quality, ready-to-be-published work to publishers, studios, or production companies. He'll talk to you about how to professionally prepare your manuscript or screenplay no matter how rough your work is at this point.

He's looking for fiction and non fiction books of all types for potential book publication, as well as those projects that have the potential to become feature films, television movies, or television series. Originality and passion are key- -there's nothing like finding a diamond in the rough and helping shape a new career. And it has nothing to do with age.

For the Master's Pro Critique, please submit your query letter along with the first 15-20 pages of your book or screenplay, and he will review your work as he does any work coming into his agency. He'll discuss with you face-to-face what works and what doesn't, and hopefully work with you to find a way to help move your work to a higher professional level.

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