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Advance Submission Masters ProCritique™ Program
with Literary Agents, Scouting Agents, and Publishers

Our Masters ProCritique program is a popular, cost-effective way to receive on-on-one constructive, professional feedback on your manuscript and improve your chances for publication and success. An esteemed group of veteran literary agents will appear at the BCX Writers Conference.Details and Learn more here ...All are looking for fresh talent with polished manuscripts.
(There is a reading / consultation fee per submission)

While most participate on speaker panels and are available by appointment at the free pitch sessions, not all participate in the Advanced Submission Masters ProCritique™ Program .Please read each bio carefully to find the best agent/publisher for your work before applying.This is NOT a speed dating program.Attendees may apply each day at the 1-on-1 Desk, noting that space is limited by the availability schedule of each agent, and the appointment calendar may be full after the first day.Details and Learn more here ...  Yes, WC2 conference attendees have signed with literary agents and earned publishing deals. (There is NO fee per pitch meeting)

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October 12-14 2018

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