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Advance Submission ProCritique™ Program with Professional Editors 2018
The following professional editors will appear at the conference. While all participate on speaker panels and most are available by appointment at the open pitch sessions, not all participate in the Advanced Submission ProCritique™ Program. Learn more...Please read each bio carefully to find the best editor for your genre before applying. (There is a reading / consultation fee per Advanced Critique submission)

hsElaine Ash

ELAINE ASH edits fiction and nonfiction writers — from established authors to emerging talent. As the former editor-at-large for Beat to a Pulp e-zine, Elaine helped writers develop stories for publication.  Some of those writers went on to fame and fortune such as Hilary Davidson (Tor/Forge), Sophie Littlefield (Minotaur, Delacorte), Chris F. Holm (Angry Robot,, Mulholland), Frank Bill (Farrar Strauss Giroux) Patti Abbott (Polis), Jay Stringer (Thomas and Mercer) and many more. 

With a full complement of top agents and acquiring editors in her contacts, Elaine also helps clients pitch manuscripts and land deals. It all starts with a great manuscript. 

She is an award-winning author herself under the pen-name “Anonymous-9,” and won Best Short Story on the Web 2009 from Spinetingler Magazine, as well as two Readers Choice Awards from the House of Crime and Mystery. Her HARD BITE series is published by Down & Out Books. A true creative “insider,” Elaine appears alongside Margaret Atwood in a literary documentary on the late Canadian novelist Crad Kilodney, currently in production for 2019 release. She is the author of Bestseller Metrics: How to Win the Novel Writing Game, and the inventor of software in development for the publishing industry.

Aspiring writers through all levels are welcome to submit work to Elaine. She will read excerpts of 2500 words or less from ten manuscripts, and offer individual consultations of up to 30 minutes each. Feedback will encompass voice, style, characterization, development and sales potential, including commentary on where your skills have impact and where they could be strengthened. You will come away energized and motivated about your work! A printed copy of your excerpt with Elaine’s handwritten comments is yours to keep. All levels and genres are welcome, fiction and nonfiction.

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hsDeanna Brady will will read up to apx. 2,500 words. She edits on all levels necessary, including copy, line, stylistic, substantive, and developmental, and will provide commentary in regard to the suggested corrections/changes. She will also comment on such elements as diction, emotional impact, clarity, economy, internal logic, structure, character development, pace, flow, etc. 

She will spend as many as twenty minutes in the consultation. She has special expertise in fiction and nonfiction genres/categories including fantasy, young adult, literary fiction, romance, and creative nonfiction, as well as American Indian and other indigenous cultures, self-help, how-to, ESL projects, ecology, psychology, spirituality, science fiction, literary, narrative nonfiction, and complementary medicine. If available, please include a brief synopsis or outline in addition to the sample -- which should be the first chapter, or the introduction or prologue and first chapter -- to provide an idea of structure.

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hsSara Anne "Saran" Fox, a former development executive with a major Hollywood producer, played a vital role in the conception and development of over 25 screenplays, three published novels, and three produced films: "My Favorite Year", "Nosferatu" and "Quest For Fire". For over 20 years, she has used her skills as a writing coach and story editor with screenwriters and novelists to strengthen character development, clarify motivation, and improve story structure and plot.

Saran's strong empathetic and intuitive gifts, combined with her editorial talents, serve to provide her clients with a comfortable creative atmosphere in which to realize their artistic goals and visions. She also has experience working with students in her capacity as a professional expert in story and screenwriting in the IDEAS program at LA Valley College.

For this conference, Saran will accept the first 25 pages of a screenplay or the first chapter of a novel. For screenwriters, she will offer feedback on character, dialogue, and plot. Having listened to hundreds of ideas in her development career, she will also be available to hear and provide expert critiques on pitches. For novelists, she will determine if that first chapter is a seductive-enough opening that will cause the reader to eagerly turn the page to find out what happens in chapter two and beyond.

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hsArt Holcomb will read screenplays, novels, short stories and comic book/graphic novel scripts - up to 10 manuscripts of approximately 2500 words (10 standard pages) and provide written notes and a twenty minute scheduled consultation. 

ART is a screenwriter, playwright, fiction writer and comic book creator who began his writing career at age 13 when one of his plays was professionally performed by the American Conservatory Theater.

He has published poetry, essays and short stories and has written more than 50 comic book stories for franchises such as THE X-MEN, as well as original and licensed properties for Defiant, Valiant, Acclaim, Big Entertainment, FUNimation, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics.  His screen work has appeared on UPN, the Sci-Fi Channel and the SHOWTIME Channel.

He has sold to the STAR TREK television franchise at Paramount Television and worked on projects for the estates of Gene Roddenberry and legendary actor Steve McQueen. He has also written for the critically acclaimed animation series SHADOW RAIDERS, as well as consulted for video game companies, film production companies and publishing houses.

He is a regular columnist for Creative Screenwriting Magazine, called “The Best Magazine for Screenwriters” by The Los Angeles Times.  He is a regular contributor on fiction and screenwriting to STORYFIX.COM, ranked one of the top fiction writing sites on the internet by Writer’s Digest Magazine.

Art is a sought-after lecturer on story and runs a consultancy for highly motivated screenwriters and novelists who are committed to moving their careers to the next professional level.

His most recent short story is The Perfect Bracket with acclaimed novelist Howard V. Hendrix, which will appear in ANALOG Magazine in the spring of 2015. A play by the same name is currently under consideration for production by the National Actor’s Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky.  A new science fiction – treasure hunt novel (with co-writer Hendrix) entitled The Strewn was scheduled for completion in 2015.

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hsDan Watanabe will read up to 2500 words (10 standard pages). Mr. Watanabe was a studio executive who "green lit" movies for 15 years and currently teaches at Los Angeles Valley College.

He will edit screenplays for ProCritiques and provide up to twenty minutes of personal consultation, depending on the need.


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